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We’ve got some Exciting News to share…

Timberline Landscapes has a NEW Website!

We are proud to announce that we’ve totally re-designed our website,www.timberlinelandscapes.com, to be a fun and easy-to-use resource for anyone interested in landscaping in St Louis!

We’ve added a ton of photos to the gallery, as well as some featured landscaping projects, to inspire new landscape design ideas and help keep your outdoor living space looking its best. We can’t wait for you to check it out!


Our new website also offers visitors an opportunity to download our Free Plant Care Guide or simply flip thorough our Plant Care Guide on your smartphone, laptop or computer.

We hope you enjoy our new look (and possibly discover your own outdoor living space featured on our website)!


“Thank you Timberline Landscape for the wonderful makeover of my yard. Your crew was terrific, so kind and helpful. I LOVE MY YARD!!”

Facebook Review on Timberline Landscapes


Fall is the time for Planting!

Spring may be special, but September, October and November are the ideal months for planting; everything from spring-blooming bulbs, perennials, trees to shrubs. Now is the perfect time to book your fall planting session with Timberline Landscapes.

Give us a Call today 314-646-0203!



As the seasons change and nighttime temperatures start to fall, it’s tempting to forget about the outdoors and begin to nest in the home. Though we love to invest lots of energy into creating beautiful interior spaces, fall is a fantastic season to create, supplement or renovate exterior landscapes.

Tip Tricks

1) Watch the weather and make a fall planting plan

Just like in summer, new plantings are tender, and harsh weather can lead to failure. Try to plant in the morning, and avoid planting when daytime temperatures are supposed to be high. September through mid November is your ideal window for planting.

Spend time in your yard and garden to identify the best places for planting. What’s your sun exposure like, and what do each of your new plants require? We like to draw a map and make a detailed planting plan before we begin to make sure every plant gets what it needs.


September, October & November are the perfect months for planting. Call to book today 314-646-0203!

2) Don’t forget the bulbs

Spring-blooming bulbs need a cool dormancy period in order to thrive and produce in the spring – making it essential to include them on your fall planting plan. Here in the mid-west, we have a great selection of bulbs. Make certain to get bulbs in the ground so that they can become established, go dormant, and give you a fantastic show of color come springtime. Since bulbs are among the first plants to bloom in the spring, we like to put bulbs along borders, and in places where they’ll get a lot of attention next spring.

3) Think BIG

If you’ve ever lost a tree, you might be hesitant to make the investment in your landscape – especially since, as plants shed their leaves and perennials die back, you won’t have the immediate gratification that you’d have in spring or summer. Put in the time to plant trees and shrubs in fall so that you can reap the benefits come next summer. Success rates are much higher this time of year and maintenance required is lower (since the rain and cool temperatures keep roots moist), and so this is a great time to invest in your landscape.

Imagine all of the possibilities – and know that when you plant in fall, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labors for years to come.



The landscape trends this year reflect the desire to bring the indoors outside, in order to create comfortable landscapes that are both beautiful and functional. Here’s a look at what you can expect to see backyard enthusiasts adopting this year:

Fully customized outdoor living spaces – As more homeowners entertain outdoors and make the most of time spent outside, landscaping has become an extension of interior space in the home, complete with furniture and appliances. Beyond the basic deck or patio, more landscape designs this year will transform a simple outdoor space into a comfortable living and dining rooms featuring fireplaces and fire pits, and even romantic canopy bedrooms.

Lighted and tech-savvy landscapes – A natural extension of the outdoor living trend is equipping these landscapes with creative and functional lighting and technological enhancements. Dramatic and boldly colored lights, twinkling accent lighting in walkways, backyard Wi-Fi and TV installations are just some of the ways gardens are getting tech-savvy this year.

For more information on how to incorporate the latest trends into your landscape, contact Timberline Landscapes to set up a consultation 314-646-0203.

New Website

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